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Why do engineers hate movies?

Can someone please explain to me why engineers don’t go to the movies? Maybe I’m drawing a false conclusion from a repeated, sometimes heated, discussion I keep having with my clients in information technology, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. The conversation goes like this: Me: “The presentation seems very data-packed, long, uninspiring, and unlikely to […]

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When You’re Short on Time: Four Tips to Shorten Prep Time for Your Presentation

In a recent workshop I delivered titled “Power Presentations: How to Sell Your Ideas and Grow Your Influence,” an interesting question came up: How can I cut down the amount of time to prepare for my presentations? Efficiency is especially important when you must speak on short notice or when you are preparing a sales […]

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Presentations with Power and Less PowerPoint: A Technique to Streamline Your Slides

Many articles have popped up lately about the evils of PowerPoint—that slides get in the way of selling your ideas or your services. The authors concede that there is certainly a place for PowerPoint, properly used. I agree on both points. There are dozens of ways PowerPoint can be misused, but in my opinion the […]

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