• Can your prospects tell you apart from your competitors?

  • Be Memorable and Win More Work.

Jim Rogers, President

Architects and engineers hire me to help them win more work.

I help clients learn to write memorable, winning business proposals that stand out in the pile…and get read! Master the art and science of compelling, memorable interview presentations. Weave your story into your marketing collateral, on your web site and into casual conversation at a conference.  Avoid time-wasters in marketing activities.  Implement a client relationship management (CRM)  system to keep warm leads warm and to keep anything from falling through the cracks. Use CRM to put discipline in your opportunity management process and stop throwing away money and time on low probability jobs.  Win the jobs you want, rather than settle for the smaller or less interesting projects. Get your “sometimes salespeople” selling. [Sometimes salespeople are folks who spend most of their time on billable client work and some of their time on sales.] Sharpen the skills of your marketing professionals.

Fleetridge provides marketing solutions for A/E firms who want to grow their business, while commanding premium margins and reducing overall marketing costs. By conserving energy for marketing and sales activities that truly yield results, you free yourself and your team to do other important things like these:

  • lead others
  • give more attention to clients
  • increase billable hours
  • sharpen your skills
  • get to those internal projects you keep putting off
  • forge partnerships with the “best” primes and subs
  • hire the best talent
  • open new offices or promote new service lines
  • or perhaps just spend more time with family (or plan your retirement or play more canasta) rather than stay at the office obsessing over a proposal that could’ve been delivered to the prospective client days earlier.

Fleetridge provides consulting services all along the customer life cycle, including helping you to:

  1. Develop a winning marketing strategy and help execute on it, including positioning your firm’s brand using social media
  2. Implement lead and opportunity management processes and technology, including cloud computing
  3. Design and implement sales processes, systems & tools that are tailored to work best for YOUR firm
  4. Write winning business proposals and prepare for interviews that slam the door shut on your competitors
  5. Anything that will help you win more work!